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Positive news platform

Sharing news and information on local people doing positive things.

Developed with young people and communities

We blend examples of great work to solve community issues, along with opinions from the public in order to keep our finger on the community’s pulse.

a space for experts and policy makers to engage with communities

Look out for the podcasts and social media live broadcasts sharing the deeper nuances and ideas on a journey to exploring things that work.

WHO We are

OnPoint is a positive news channel run by you. We’re 14 to 25 year olds developing a place to share positive news about key people, projects, funding or ideas helping to keep our communities safer.

On Point is a positive news platform. It’s a space to empower young people to share points of view on important issues with solutions. Important doesn’t have to mean boring!

We’re looking for:

  • Ideas that work!
  • Fresh looks on old problems
  • Problem solvers
  • Real-talk not empty narratives

How we began

On Point was born out of frustration. We wanted less toxic and draining social media content. We were hungry for more content that fills us with inspiration and a point to take away - a safe space to get on top of new thinking with youth-led voices.

It was an answer to the mis-represented way popular media report and focus on youth violence. It is a platform where young people in the community can control the way issues impacting their lives are portrayed. OnPoint is challenging the lack of awareness around the available interventions and is a place to celebrate practitioners working to offer support. We’re here to empower each other to be informed and make a difference

What we DO

OnPoint shares stories from people in the community combatting issues we’re facing. We’re on a mission to gather voices, to collect points of view. We believe the more diverse the voices involved, the closer we get to real solutions.

We create positive news content for social media first. We train young people in real social media & communications skills. We use the power of positivity and modern media to inspire minds, boost moods and strengthen communities.

What we Value

  • Challenging click-bait culture with valuable and accurate information
  • Celebrating projects that enrich our community
  • Signposting vulnerable people to trusted organisations
  • Creating inclusive and informative platforms for all
  • Listening to conversations about youth issues


  • Giving the community a voice throughout ‘The People’s Point’
  • Sharing funding opportunities to kickstart local ideas by local people
  • Providing media training and work experience to young people who want to get involved with the channel’s production
  • Producing a youth-led podcast and live streams to go deeper into things that work!

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