Meet The Members Of The 2022 Youth Assembly

October 7, 2022

We're the members of the 2022 Youth Assembly (YA), a community-led group from the West Midlands composed of young people aged 16-25 committed to reducing youth violence in our communities.

We get to work with decision-makers in the police, NHS, Councils, and people from the community to help young people get what they need to keep safe and shape what the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) should prioritise.



Our team is focused on making a change and protecting our communities. We meet every week to explore a range of topics that we consider to be the root of violent behaviour and find the issues that we consider important to tackle, like:

  • Youth Violence, Drugs & County lines
  • Policing & Relationships with the Community
  • Mental Health & Safety
  • Women's Safety & VAWG
  • Education



  • Fareedat: "I want to work with decision-makers to provide Access to education, mental health professionals and Support for youth in local communities. "
  • Haatim: " I want to fight against racism, sexual violence and exploitation, knife and lethal weapons crime and many of the other issues that are negatively impacting the youth."
  • Matthias: "My name is Matthias Harewood I’m 25 years of age. I am a professional/personal chef, a hard, dedicated, self-taught and ethical man who runs on high morals and proud ethos’. I joined the organisation as I want to show the youth of today that even myself, who has been brought up with tremendous difficulty, can still make it out on top and be proud of who I am."
  • Morgan: "I currently study criminology at university; one of my main interests and the reason I joined the Youth Assembly is youth crime, to be more specific, the rate at which POC are disproportionately affected by the UK's criminal justice system and mostly hows this affects the youth within these communities."
  • Krishan: "I joined because it appeals to me for the job I want to do (Police officer). It's an opportunity to get an honest glimpse into how our communities are cared for."
  • Jevonn: " I just want to advocate for the teens that can’t advocate for themselves "
  • Sammy: "I joined because I am concerned about the youth in our community. We hear many reports of runaway children/teens, violence against women and girls, knife and lethal weapons crime, exploitation, and so much more. I would like to be a part of the change I want to see."



  • Alexander: "It's a great opportunity to discuss some of the ways to prevent youth violence, such as; Sports engagement, Access to education, Finding the cause of crime, Support for local communities, Emotional and physical support and many more."
  • Jemima: "I have come across a few people in life who would have been in better situations if rooms like these gave them a voice, and when I was given the opportunity, the question was never if I’d be a part of it. But when would I start being a voice for those before me, with me and after? We all talk about change, but how often do we become the change we hope to see? It’s something bigger than me, and it’s uncomfortable and scary at times, but it’s most definitely something that is needed, a step in the right direction. I’m just grateful that I get to be a part of it."
  • Ryland: "I care about everyone's opinions and thoughts, for their voices to be heard no matter what gender or sexuality or religion as I am an LGBT officer of the student union."
  • David: "I joined the Youth Assembly because I want my voice to be heard and to help young people with disabilities out with using technology to help them keep safe."
  • Kiti (She/Her): "I believe in creating a safe, prosperous place for everyone and supporting marginalized groups in our society. Equality and diversity are my most core principles. Through freedom of thought and safety, we can live our best lives."
  • Mitchell: "I joined the Youth Assembly because I care about preventing youth violence. I believe we can begin to do that through Access to education, Finding the true cause of crime and proving Emotional and physical support to young people."



  • Suriya: "I’m Suriya, and I am a mental health professional from Sandwell. I became part of the Youth Assembly as I was really passionate about making the West Midlands a better, safer place for Young People and making a positive impact within my community. Since January 2021, I have been part of the Youth Assembly, and the journey so far has been incredible. I enjoyed every opportunity that was given to speak to stakeholders about social issues encompassing our youth, and it has been phenomenal to see that action was taken by various bodies to improve the lives of young people."
  • Saied
  • Mollie: "Hi! I'm Mollie, and I'm the President of Dudley Students Union, I love speaking up for others who feel silent, and I love volunteering and genuinely helping others. I joined the Youth Assembly simply because I wanted to make a difference for young people around the whole West Midlands, not just Dudley."
  • Sam: "I joined Youth Assembly to show support against violence to young people and help prevent it as well as help and support young people."



  • Emily - Jane: "I'm Emily, 19, I'm in my first year at BCU studying media and communications. I chose to be a part of the Youth Assembly to try and make a change in the world and be active in the community."
  • Joe : "I'm Joe, I'm a university student and I joined the Youth Assembly in order to discuss issues within my community and hopefully make the area I live a better place"
  • Angel: "I think decision makers should pay attention to helping people with disabilities. Also there needs to be more creative opportunities in Solihull as there's only a few organisations and a lot of young people rely on each other to develop themselves as we don't know of all the organisations we can turn to for support.
  • Taliah: "I'm a person of colour that's looking to navigate a career after education. However I feel like school hasn't prepared me for what's to come. This is the same for friends and a lot of young people. We need decision makers to help play a role in helping young people find direction and therefore helping our overall safety"



  • Lewis: "I care about helping young people find support for whatever issues may lead them down a path to youth violence. I want the community to be safe for us and the next-gen."
  • Nathan: "I joined the Youth Assembly to make changes in my area. We need better support systems in the Walsall area when it comes to careers as well as a larger range in jobs, especially in the creative industry. There is no place for people my age to go, learn and develop after school or college, which I believe supports the crime rate in the area. Every day I see some youth causing a stir in town, and I feel for them, especially the ones younger as I remember when I was that age doing the same, and in those years, no change has happened."
  • Aadam: "I joined the Youth Assembly because I believe that Finding the cause of crime is the start of making a change, I feel it's important to talk about all types of Support for local communities."



  • Bayleigh: " I am passionate about fighting sexual violence and exploitation, domestic abuse, violence against women and girls, harassment, and runaway children/teens. I have an organisation called hands-off which also works towards fighting some of these issues."
  • Evy: "I joined the YA to help fight Knife and lethal weapons crime, especially in Coventry."
  • Adan: "I joined the Youth Assembly to add my opinions and have my voice heard. I want to help my community."
  • Kayya: " I care about providing Access to education and proper Emotional and physical Support for local communities."
  • TomPaul: "I am passionate about fighting against Drugs and County Lines to protect the youth in our communities."
  • Hardier: " I wanna be able to give advice and help work towards protecting kids from bullying and providing support for victims of crime."
  • Stephan: " I believe sports engagement, access to education, support for local communities, and providing support can begin to fight the causes of youth crime."



  • Siantai: "I joined the YA because I wanted to interact with new people and take more interest and engage in topic discussions and listen to other people's opinions."
  • Benji: "I joined the Youth Assembly to experience something new in life and to meet new people. I am an artist/photographer currently studying at Wolverhampton college."
  • Jordan: "I joined the YA to get an understanding of other people's opinions and opinions of the community and also get across my own and to see where, as a whole, with the help of those in higher-up positions, we can improve our communities."
  • Hassan: "I care about preventing violence against women and girls and fighting Harassment and discrimination both in person and online."
  • Aaliyah: "I care about community safety and preventing gangs that lead to the rise in drugs and knife crime. I also care about working against discrimination in our communities."
  • Silvia: "I joined because I am passionate about opening a line of communication between the community and decision-makers to better the future of our youth."
  • Paola: "I joined because its a great place to connect with new people. I got the chance to meet a bunch of creatives and other young people who care about making change. I've had the chance to join a podcast with some of them and talk about the things that matter to me. I think it's great."


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